Who We Are


Ricardo F. Nieto

Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder at Aragon Capital, LLC

His main function is to develop and monitor the investment strategy for each customer according to their specific goals. Part of his duties includes educate each client about the financial products available to have a better understanding of the performance of their portfolios. Before joining Aragon Capital, LLC, Ricardo worked for Morgan Stanley as financial advisor to private and institutional clients.
Ricardo holds a BA degree in Finance from Florida International University in 2010 and earned his Master of Science in Finance from Florida Atlantic University in 2017

Alberto Chocron, M.B.A.

Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder at Aragon Capital, LLC

He manages the day-to-day operations of Aragon Capital, LLC, including all levels of client services, financial investment operations, and assisting with client reviews and investment strategies. He began his financial career as trader for small shops. Prior to joining Aragon Capital, LLC, Alberto served as Financial Controller for Tempus Quo Capital Management, where he was responsible for processed trades, booked receipts, reconciled daily cash balances and produced daily proof of portfolio holdings and accrual information.
Alberto earned his M.B.A. in Finance from Huizenga Business School from Nova Southeastern University in 2012 and his bachelor degree of Computer Engineering in 2005.

Edgardo Castro

Financial Adviser at Aragon Capital LLC

His main function is to help mass affluent and affluent client's build and manage wealth to reach their financial goals. Edgardo specializes primarily in retirement planning, social security, and defined benefit planning. Prior to joining Aragon Capital LLC, Edgardo has spent over10 years in the financial services industry with firms such as JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo Advisors, and HSBC Securities in the capacity of financial advisor and private banker.

Edgardo holds an AA in business administration from Wharton College in Texas and attended the University of Houston prior to serving 2 years in the United States Army.

Roberto Rodriguez Werner

Financial Adviser at Aragon Capital LLC

He specializes primarily in educating and advising clients on implementing a constructive systematic approach to wealth management with an emphasis on retirement planning. Prior to joining Aragon Capital LLC, he’s spent over 25 years in the financial services industry with firms such as Santander Securities, Merrill Lynch and AXA Advisors in the capacity of Financial Advisor.
Roberto holds an B.S.B.A. in business administration with from the University of Puerto Rico.

Chris Sotomayor

Financial Adviser at Aragon Capital LLC

He has been with Aragon Capital since 2018, providing a refined and holistic Financial, Tax, Accounting, Investment, Non-Profit and Business Strategy Consulting Services. Chris's clients range from Business Leaders, Wealthy Families, Governments, to Multinationals, He instills the right kind of organization and planning needed to help clients reach personal, business, and enterprise goals. In the past he has worked for well know companies such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase & Co. among others.
Chris graduated from Ave Maria University with a BA degree in Business Administration with a field of study in Finance on 2008.

William J. “Bill” Cara

Financial Adviser at Aragon Capital LLC

Bill is a global capital markets professional who, in more than 35 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience, has co-founded and managed successful full-service and national electronic brokerages. Recently, he has become the defacto speaker for a growing audience of finance and investment professionals who are making known their concerns about inequities in the capital markets. Author of the 2008 400-page hardcover text “Lessons From the Trader Wizard”
Mr. Cara obtained a B.B.A. in 1967 from Waterloo Lutheran University, Ontario, where he was awarded the Wall St. Journal Student Achievement Medal. He received his MBA from McMaster University, Ontario.

Phillip Wallace

Financial Adviser at Aragon Capital LLC

Phillip is a dynamic and versatile finance professional with multi-disciplinary background in Personal Finance, Mortgage Lending, Corporate Credit, Treasury, Financial Risk Management, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing, Project Management and Systems Implementation as well as Insurance, Annuities, 401K/IRA's, Retirement Planning, Mortgages. He is a results-oriented team builder with challenge driven mentality seeking to add value to our organization in the mortgage finance, consumer finance, banking, insurance or consulting industries.
Phillip holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from Fordham Gabelli School of Business since 1997.


We founded Aragon Capital, LLC after reaching several conclusions during our years of full time experience catering to the professional investment community and during our lifelong friendship with one another: