We are an independent registered investment advisor located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale area providing comprehensive wealth management.

We are a partnership resulting from a lifelong friendship and shared values. We manage investment portfolios for individuals, families, and trusts within the context of their overall financial profile and circumstances. We work with our clients to develop long term strategies for financial prosperity and serve as a trusted advisor to them. Our goal is to deliver superior service in your money matters so that you can focus on things that you enjoy in life.


Aragon Capital LLC provides investment advice based exclusively on your unique circumstances. We help you develop realistic and achievable financial goals, then work with you to accomplish them through a constructive plan, together, on a continuing basis. For step by step details click here.


We provide superior service to a wide array of individuals and families who want expert assistance with investment planning and wealth management. Some of our clients have complex profiles, while others simply want a trusted guide to help educate them and ensure they stay on track. No two client profiles are exactly the same, and everyone has unique circumstances.


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