Aragon Capital is a mid-sized RIA that is committed to becoming a multi-billion dollar AUM firm.

We are seeking Wealth Advisors who are committed to participating in this growth and in so doing, taking their careers to the next level.

Aragon Capital is an RIA, as a result we are able to back our Wealth Advisors with support structures that simply do not exist in most RIAs, regardless of their size, including:

  • Our dedication forces clients to focus on their entire balance sheet, rather than simply on liquid asset performance in a vacuum.
  • Our marketing is focused on building our brand in the market and bolstering our Wealth Advisors’ referral-based marketing efforts.
  • Our team of experts in specific relevant domains, such as Wealth Advisor’s relationship with clients, much like that of a family office.
  • Our dedicated Research and Portfolio Management structure is available to assist in sales and service efforts.
  • Our education and knowledge is focused on building fundamental knowledge in our employees.
  • Our strong operational infrastructure, including capabilities such as Client Operations, Trading and Compliance.

Our Wealth Advisors leverage these resources to differentiate themselves beyond what has become an exceptionally commoditized RIA industry.

Our firm’s vision is to help clients make effective financial decisions that support their current lifestyle and prepare for a satisfying retirement. These are much bigger concerns than simply how their stocks and bonds have performed. In short, we refuse to be another ‘me too’ RIA.

This is a unique career opportunity for a Wealth Advisor who is interested in providing his or her clients with a more complete planning offer and in turn growing his or her business.


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