TD Ameritrade

A Strong Custodian Partner

When you invest your money with Aragon Capital – or any financial firm – you want to make sure your money is safe, and that your investments are traded in a timely manner. Aragon Capital has the fiduciary function of hiring an outside custodian for these and other tasks, which is one of the most important decisions an Investment Advisor makes. Aragon Capital has a trusted partner in TD Ameritrade.

We use TD Ameritrade as the repository for your assets, the place where your investments are actually held and traded. TD Ameritrade does not have any ownership or discretionary management of your assets, nor does it exercise control over what investments are made.

As our chosen custodian, TD Ameritrade assists Aragon Capital with account servicing and reporting, including the transfer in and valuation of securities for a new account. TD Ameritrade acts on our Wealth Advisors’ trading instructions, executes trades and provides services and research. TD Ameritrade also provides Aragon Capital access to institutional managers with expertise in specific investment areas. TD Ameritrade assures your data will be kept private and secure.

Attributes of a great custodian are efficiency and accuracy, size and strength, continual investment in processes, tools and technology and, of course, customer-centric business professionals. More than 5,000 independent investment advisors trust TD Ameritrade to service $556 billion in client assets. With total assets under custody at $1.4 trillion, TD Ameritrade has the people and the processes to serve Aragon Capital and our clients to the best standards in the industry.


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