Interactive Brokers

Preferred Brokerage

Aragon Capital maintains a preferred brokerage and custodial relationship with Interactive Brokers.  Interactive Brokers offers universal accounts that support trading stocks, ETFs, options, bonds, and mutual funds from a single account, with access to all major market centers around the globe.  They also have very good support for advisors trading multiple accounts with a sophisticated trading platform.  Commissions are among the lowest in the industry – electronic trades receive low commission rates per share for stocks and ETFs listed on U.S. exchanges.  Margin loan rates are also significantly lower than the industry average.  Interactive Brokers has been rated Low Cost Broker 9 years in a row by Barrons.  For more on why we chose Interactive Brokers, click here.

Execution Quality

We always strive to achieve the best execution possible for our client.  Interactive Brokers uses a technology called “Smart Routing” to search for the best prices available across exchanges and market makers at the time an order is placed.  Independent measurements by the Transaction Auditing Group, Inc., a third party provider of transaction analysis, has determined that Interactive Brokers’ U.S. stock and options price executions have been significantly better than the industry average, as measured by net dollar price improvement vs. national best bid/offer.

Aggregation of Orders

Trades for all client accounts, are generally aggregated and placed at the same time to achieve best execution and comply with our standards of fairness and ethics.  Orders are aggregated and allocated in advance of placing an order.  The objective is to allocate the executions in a manner that is deemed equitable to the accounts involved, generally in proportion to the size and leverage levels of each account.  Brokerage commissions are automatically allocated on a pro-rata basis along with the transactions by the custodian broker.

“Interactive Brokers LLC is not affiliated with and does not endorse or recommend Aragon Capital, LLC. Interactive Brokers provides execution and clearing services to customers of Aragon Capital, LLC. For more information regarding Interactive Brokers LLC, please visit”

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