Step 1

Through a personal interview and document list, we gather all the information needed to project your finances. We use a special computer program to help make accurate projections in a very understandable format.


Step 2

Review Options
Next, together we review the projections with the following themes: ensure our input is accurate, evaluate the initial projection, and compare any other options or changes that would ensure the projection is to your liking. This step is not complete until you are content with what you see, even if additional meetings are needed.


Step 3

Planning highlights changes or steps needed to reach the goal or objective. We document these steps in order to ensure that all of us are working together to achieve your goals.


Step 4

Annual Review
Making projections about an unknown future, updating the plan to reality as the future unfolds is critical. We encourage this to be an annual process and will initiate an annual review. Since planning is such a great decision making tool, we can help you plan whenever you face a significant financial change or choice.


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